Quiet down.

Ride the breath.

Feel the pockets of air rise from the bottom of your depths. Connect. Understand. Be.

There is nothing outside of you. It is within you.

There is nothing to seek outside of yourself. You already are. 

Your path for all this time was to begin to understand that seeking anywhere will never deliver you to where you need to be. It’s not out there. It’s here. It’s always been here.

The moment you slowed down the stars welcomed you back home. The moment you sat you discovered that the truth was always here. All you had to do was plug in.

You thought the chord was kicked out of the wall for such a long time and you spent so much of it running around trying to find an outlet. No matter how hard you tried you could never find one.

There is no outlet. There is no chord.

There’s just you…and you are it.

You are everything…and everything is you.

I’m breathing new life into me again. My hands gripped the steering wheel late at night while I drove underneath the glimmering bed of the heavens. There I was, speaking. Proclaiming to myself. Discussing what I had done and who I had been. Seeing. Seeing the path that had been traveled. Understanding. Understanding that in that moment traversing the pavement that I would forever change the path I was on.

I could see the battle within myself.

Part of me for such a long time didn’t want to let go. The other side of me, the deeper side, knew far better. It was asking me to give up the gift I had been given to receive an even grander one. It asked for full faith. Not 90%. All of it. Every last drop of who I am and what I had been.

It asked me to turn myself in to receive something more. To get down on my knees and pass off the first chunk of my life to something that understands far greater than I ever could. To let go of fear. To let go of everything as the way it once was and to allow myself to settle into everything that will be.


Transitions into new places that will evoke the depths of my soul and set me loose with an unconquerable spirit. The warpath. Plowing and paving through the untouched lands to show the way for others. No more standing at a the fringes. There was only through. There’s always only been through. 

So it’s time.

As I laid there in silence I saw myself get up out of my old way and walk ahead. What did I leave behind? A story. One that served me well.

And a flower…

Growing from my chest.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project