Quiet down.

Can you hear the whispers?

Can you hear the silent tidings of your heart speaking to you of what you already know?

Can you silence your mind enough to hear them?

Trust them?

Answer to them?

Become them?

Because this is what you already know. It’s not the depths of your soul that has ever guided you in the wrong direction. It has been your mind. Scheming, separating, dividing, conquering, judging…all from a spec of sand called “experience.”

But when you really begin to think about your experience, you end up realizing that in comparison to all of the things that could have happened – an infinite amount – that this life you’ve lived is so limited in comparison to everything that could be or ever could have been.

It’s that grain of sand on an infinite beach.

So quiet down.


Connect to what you already know.

Connect to who you truly are.

Ground yourself and root deep within the earth when you are seeking answers. The answers are not beyond you. The answers come when you truly show up here. When you sit. When you ground. When you’re in this moment.

My answers have come when I needed them the most.

As I’ve sat here, clearing my mind, cleaning my body out, letting go of the old and making space for the new I have settled more and more into what I truly know deep down inside. It’s never been about adding on in my life…it’s always been about taking away. Taking away what was keeping me from already knowing what I knew.

It was about beginning to make my mind work for me and not against me. It was learning how to work with my emotions instead of letting them tear me down.

But not of that was tacked on. All of that was learning how to take away. The only place I could truly learn how to do that was away from everything else and in silence. The only way I could come into direct contact with my health, my stories, my mind, my wisdom, my loneliness…was in the quiet.

No distractions.

No stories of what I should or shouldn’t be doing.

Just me…guiding my own ship and letting this heart take me where I needed to go.

And there’s that current underneath it all. That unexplainable guidance that comes when you finally take your oars out of the water and let the endless depths take you to where you’re truly meant to go.

I think I spent a lot of time in my own way rowing towards this place where I wanted things to all turn out. But all of that rowing didn’t take me to where I really needed to go. Something in my soul kept me in the right vicinity…but here I am now letting go of the old ways and allowing myself to turn into something else.

A metamorphasis.

Piece of me have resisted.

Pieces of me have cried out NO!

But those are not parts of me that are rooted in love. Those are the last little bits of fear. Those are the stories that have to go, some having been around for almost 10 years now, to make space for them to be filled with all sorts of new energy.

It’s easy to look back on your life and wish that the person you are today could go into those moments and do them differently. Even here as I am writing I had a flash of that just hit me.

But wisdom speaks highly of all that it took to get to where I am now.

So you wouldn’t want to do it differently.

You have to walk the path and keep looking forward. From time to time it’s great to go back and see all that you have done and gone through. But you have to turn back around eventually.

You have to keep walking.

Keep creating.

Keep loving.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project