Rumi once said, “What you seek is seeking you.”

I think it takes courage to ask.

It takes courage to look deep within your heart and allow yourself to dream without rules or restrictions. You have to put aside all of the fear, doubt and worry. You have to let go of all of the things that other people have said to you in the past.

It takes courage to root yourself deep within the earth and ask. You close your eyes and begin speaking to the heavens. You let the gifts that are within you heat up and images of possibility start to dance in your mind.

It takes courage to be who you really are, to pull off the mask, and to let the world see the most authentic version of yourself.

All of that takes guts.

Will there be fear? Of course.

But that journey of allowing yourself to dive into who you really are is the greatest one of all.

For too long you have stuffed your gifts down into the depths hiding them away for no one to see. Maybe many have spoken disbelief into your heart long ago…but somewhere, deep down, those dreams still burn.

They wake you up late at night knocking at the door of your faith.

They tug at your heart waiting for you to just let go of control and open the gates for them to come out and play.

The worst thing of all would be to close them off to the world forever and to let them die. They would haunt you right until the end. They would cry at their fate.

I’ve always believed that dreams are things that come to you because you are fated to make them happen. Those sparks within your soul are your guides to your destiny. I’ve read stories about the great thinkers and inventors of the past creating worlds that no one even could have even imagined.

They believed…and then created the unthinkable.

When I look at my life and see the paths I have taken and the one that I am on currently, there’s a great calling for more courage. Courage to do what I have never done before and move into the world in a way that would help me grow and expand beyond what I am now.

There’s a calling in my heart to let go of the old and to allow myself to gently move into the new.

Those old stories have held onto me for quite some time and have been hard to disintegrate. There’s a lot of fear centered around letting go and what would happen if I did. In many ways, I understand this fear. I see that it came from a place long ago that helped me survive. I understand that I had to show up in that way to keep myself alive.

But now, all these years later, there’s only a lingering fear that’s keeping those stories going and there’s no sense or purpose to them.

There’s only the request to let go. 

There’s a whisper of more to come when I finally do.

This journey at times has shaken me down to my soul. It has challenged every possible piece of me and who I am. It has shaped me, broken me, molded me, and forged me into the person I am today.

For that, I can be thankful.

The decision to embark has been the greatest decision of my life.

But the journeys in front of me are even grander. They promise many greater things than I have ever experienced and the only price I have to pay for admission is…letting go.



Softly…drift away.

That, I’ll have to do.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project