It’s easy to quit.

But it takes everything to hold the line.

It takes everything to stand up to all of the demons that come out to play once you decide to take on a new path. Wolves circle you waiting for you to succumb to the biting touch of self-doubt and will jump on you in your greatest moment of weakness.

But you have to stay strong.

You have to hold the line.

When the odds are stacked up against you and there’s no one that believes in what you are doing but you, that’s when you have to dig into your faith the most. That’s when you have to remind yourself of what you believe in and why you are doing what you are doing.

No one can travel this path for you.

But many will give you opinions and feed doubt into your heart despite your best intentions. It’s never really about you anyways. It’s about them. It’s their fear speaking. It’s their sense of possibility coming out to play.

Often you will hear those whispers as you are traveling down a path they couldn’t achieve.

Silence the outside voices.

Silence The Judge speaking fear into your heart.

Soften. Trust. Endure.

Hold the line.

Hold the line.

I have been challenged in many ways lately. The greatest of which has been continuing to believe that my heart’s meandering about and thirst for adventure is justified. It has been in looking back since the years I left school and continuing to have faith that this path I have been on, as unconventional as it may have been, is true and good.

Those challenges have stacked up many times and yet I know deep deep down, somewhere inside, that this has all been out of heart and that has been the singular point that has made all the difference.

I could have quiet a long time ago.

I could have abandoned this project time and time again citing evidence that The Wolves would have loved to consume.

I could have done a lot of things differently that would have set me down many stranger paths. But I didn’t. I chose this way, and no matter what has arrived, I’ve been able to maintain my faith in its ways.

At times it feels like I am walking blindly through life. Maybe that’s my head speaking. While all of that is true, I feel more guided than ever by holding a sense of faith in my heart.

Faith that this is no accident and that there’s truly something for me here.

Faith that I am capable of answering these calls.

That’s worth it to me.

So wild heart, set me ablaze so I can bloom.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project