There are these moments in our lives that forever change us.

That make an impact so deeply upon our hearts that parts of us are awoken that haven’t felt the flames of change in much time.

These are moments we will never forget nor turn back from.

These are moments that change our lives if we refuse to step back into fear.

If we allow ourselves to step into what is moving us, old ways turn to dust and new stories are born. That’s how every great adventure begins – with a decision.

A decision to allow for the gifts to come in and change you at will.

But that takes faith.

Relentless amounts of faith.

I struggled with that for a long time. I would say it was questionable amounts of faith at best. But something deep inside me knew that if I believed then my world would change. That somewhere along the line I would run into something that would feel different than anything else.

We never know when.

We never know how it’s going to happen.

We never who is going to be there.

But something about being at the beginning of a path tells us that the end holds promises for us that are beyond our wildest dreams.

Logically, your mind can understand that what you don’t see now is going to be very different. But there’s something about the beauty of the heart telling you that much more than the mind could ever see lies there waiting for you to just let go and move forward.

Letting go challenged me my entire life.

But through the years and years of holding the intention of continuing to try, I’ve become much more capable than I once was. I can hear parts of my soul whispering for me to let things in the past go, so with some reluctance, I have.

Some I let go far quicker than others.

But in the end, those whispers stay there no matter what until the job is done.

Let the wind take you.

Let your heart guide you.

You never know where you’re going to end up once you finally listen to what you know is right.

Don’t let fear, doubt and worry control you. They feed you lies that will only stop you from becoming everything you were meant to be.

I’m listening.

I’m being moved in ways I’ve never experienced.

I’m here.

I’m ready.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project