It’s going to take everything you’ve got.

Dreams visit you in the most random of moments and spark something deep inside of you. Possibility awakens. And for that brief moment that they are there, you believe. You believe in something greater. You believe that whatever is happening right now isn’t just all that you are made for.

Dreams are fickle things.

Because with that same moment of possibility being awoken inside of you, if you don’t tend to that spark the moment is gone and you are left with this space of what once was.

While I do believe that some dreams have a time limit on them, I’ve found that most keep calling over and over again despite how much you may fail or try to ignore them. They are always there, singing their unique song, asking you to try for more.

I’ve had some trouble this year stepping into a few.

Old ways from old times kept on stepping in and sabotaging my path. I kept falling back into old stories of believing that I needed things to be a specific way in order for my life to move forward. But something has shifted in me lately. Something moved within me while I was sleeping the other night. Since that moment, I’ve been able to step forward effortlessly in ways that seemed to be so difficult before.

Funny how life works huh?


Belief is such a vital part of the equation. But I am reminded that while belief is the foundation for everything that will come in the future, it’s commitment that glues it all together. Without commitment, the house all comes down.

I’ve been guilty of partially building houses for a long time.

I wouldn’t see things all the way through. Something would come along and I would allow for it to sabotage what I was creating.

Yet as I set out on Chapter II of this journey, I realize that there are a handful of things that I made attempts towards in the past that I have left undone…that can still be finished. I can finish those projects. I can complete those dreams. It’s not that they went anywhere, but have just been sitting there waiting for me to come back and finish the job.

I’m stepping into that.

I’m stepping into what has been meant for me all along. But that has come at the cost of some major growing pains. There are pieces of me that really want to hold on to things of the past and I know those must go. In order for there to be space for what’s mean for me, I have to let go of what once was.

So in this part of the story, I know I have to stay strong. I know I have to get through a week of this challenging time and then I will be able to shift into another gear.

Forward I go.

Forward I go.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project