I’ve been wandering in the trees, bouldering up mountains and finding those voices that echo from the heavens once I quiet down.

Everything that felt uncentered has come right back to the middle.

There’s balance now. Peace of mind. The ushering in of the winds to take the things I need to let go of.

There was a lot that needed to go. There is a lot that has left me.

I’ve slowed down time. Everything that has distracted me has been whittled away. I’ve connected, shown up more and more in this moment, and found myself plugging into this source of energy that has always been there waiting for me to make the request.

That quiet space that my mind often wrangled with and produced this feeling of loneliness has drifted back into the sea. I realize now more than ever how much more connected to everyone and everything I am. That distance between me and them has closed. It is now us. It has always been.

Lightning pierces the sky after the day of the eclipse. Thunderbolts of energy rattle the skies and those bell moments of intuition ring in my mind. I hear them speaking. I hear them calling forward the courage for me to do what I need to do in this life.

It was only until recently that I’ve found that direct sense of purpose. I’ve been able to write it down with clarity every single day, repeating the same intention over and over again. It gives me strength. It gives me direction.

I can now see clearly why this path has twisted and turned the way it has for so many years.

There have been many moments of clarity met with the banks of fog to throw me off my heading. But now as I sit here today, those same fingers pattering on the keys all these years later, I realize that I have found the rudder to my ship. The Captain has returned back onto the deck with a new sense of vision and a willingness to continue on that way no matter what may come to him.

Almost a month ago I was called into the trees knowing that it would be the very thing to soothe my unsettled heart. Intuition beckoned. When I answered, I was met with all sorts of things that needed to be addressed. My intentions. My health. My promises. My direction.

But answering that call has been one of the greatest acts of self-love I’ve ever engaged in. Because when I allowed myself to change and let go of stories that no longer served me, I started to come into more and more of who I really am.

I labeled August 21 as a second birthday. It was the day I decided to go another way. 

This year is going to look like many things – as all of the years have.

But this one is rooted in seeds that have been planted only yesterday, but will be planted for 365 days straight.

I only know what those intentions are and not exactly how life is going to show up in the future. But that’s okay. That’s the point. I would never know anyways. That one is left up to the heavens. I just know that this path is true.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project