Brave soul, you are not lost. You are being found.

Every step, every movement, every decision and every breath is part of the path. The ups and downs. The contractions. The expansions. It is all part of learning the way. It’s all part of the road you are supposed to follow.

I think I’ve entered into this really interesting space lately. I’ve started to let go of the old way of doing things and begin moving into this new story.

It’s a story of possibility.

It’s a story of wild expansion and adventure.

As I’ve sat here and really tried to understand it, I can see that it can really go a couple of ways. I could continue on down the old path and really do some interesting things there or I could choose a completely unknown one that stands illuminated in front of me.

So I stepped onto those lit stones and started walking.

I think there’s a tendency to want to doubt everything that you’re going through and question whether or not it is the way.

I’ve struggled with that in many ways. Truth is, this sense of freedom and ability go anywhere and do anything is completely new to me. There are no ties. There are no restrictions. So the big question has been for a long time, “Well what do I do with all of this?”

So I’ve put the pen to paper and started generating what I would have to do this year to follow that path. What does it look like along the way? Are there things that I have to do to make things pop? These questions continue to arrive one by one I sit down to answer them.

Then you’re left with whatever was in your heart and mind right in front of you.

Then…you have to decide.

That was the part that was causing me to stumble.

I didn’t necessarily wanted to decide.

The amount of work, the amount of time, the amount of effort seemed daunting. But I forgot something incredibly important.

The payoff.

What is the payoff of all of this?

A ripple. A really…really…really big ripple.


Positive vibrations.

A massive rock in the pond. For a long time, I’ve felt like we needed one. We need that energy to begin to engulf and transform all of the other energies out there.

So I looked at myself…”Can you do that?”

The heart whispers yes. 


Pick up the damn phone

These callings must be answered.

They have to be answered because I know that they will never stop ringing until I actually acknowledge them fully. And if I don’t? I will continued to be driven mad by them forever…or, even worse…I will enter into a land of regret.

I can’t go there again.

So, I must step right into all of this.

One step at a time. One move at a time. One decision at a time.

Because that ripple will matter. It will make a difference. I am here to make that difference.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project