6 years ago, I started this blog because I didn’t like who I was becoming.

I will never forget that one day walking around campus and just saying to myself, “You’ve got to change something. This is not going well.”

Shortly after that I lost baseball and I was forced to change. Maybe that was my sign from the universe. Maybe that was the thing that forced me onto a completely different path.

But this isn’t about that choice.

This is about a completely different choice that has been in front of me for quite some time.

Truth is, it has been years since I’ve come across the idea of taking the next step with all of this. I’ve known in the depths of my heart that putting my voice out there in a more modern way and letting loose all of the content that I have stored up in me would change everything.

It would change my life.

It would change the lives of others.

It could even possibly begin to make the impact on the world that I feel that I am here to make.

I’ve resisted that path for so many reasons. I’ve stopped myself from taking the next big step out of fear of what might happen if I do.

The Great Resistance To The Call

That’s what I’ll probably call this segment to the chapter.

But that piece needs to end.

It needs to end for many reasons.

But the biggest one of all is because I am denying myself the path that I know that I need to take. I have to get out of my own way. I have to settle the score with my fear.

I have to begin.

It really is time.

There are no more tomorrows.

There are no more opportunities to put things off.

There’s just what I can do now.

Time to move forward.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project