Courage, dear heart, courage.

Find the courage to do this. Find the courage to dive as deep as you can and go back with the intention of learning and understanding. There are things there that you need to see again. There’s a story that needs to be retold.

Find forgiveness – you’ve been holding onto things for quite some time. Find passion – there are pieces of you that you have lost along the way. Find healing – there’s a calling that you know you’ve needed to answer for some time that you’ve finally had the courage to get in touch with even just now.

I know there are pieces of you that are scared to do this again. But you’ll be fine. You’ll enjoy the journey and the process of going through it all again.

Just don’t quit.

Don’t give up. Don’t quit on yourself. When you seem to hit a wall just continue on. That’s the way you’ve always done it in the past and it has served you over and over again. Don’t lose faith now because this is the most important time for you to shine.

You’ve gone through bouts with demons before.

You’ve stepped up and followed through on what was right.

So have courage dear heart, courage.

These are interesting times. They have presented challenges in many unique ways, driven me to making decisions about which way I wanted to go, and given me strength to make choices that I’ve been avoiding making. This one last mountain to climb, if I can climb it, will truly make me feel incredible. I will thrown another chain down off of me.

There’s a lot fighting that inside of me right now. The dark side is rearing up and I’m being challenged in all sorts of ways. But that’s part of the process. That’s how all of this works. You make a decision in the light and have to face the upheaval from deep within that has a few things to say about all of it.

It’s unhappy.

It wants to convince me that I don’t need to make this change.

But I know I do.

I know that I need to face this last wolf that has been following me around and quiet it down.

There’s no need for it anymore.

There’s no need to avoid it.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project