from the dirt

Bloom brave soul, bloom.

Become everything that you were meant to be. Discover what you’ve never known. The winter has passed. It’s time to bloom.

I’m ready to begin.

On every path there’s that moment when you’ve packed up what you need and you’re ready to start all over again.

This journey for me resides within the mind and the soul. Even though I will be packing my bags literally in a month to travel the world again, the real journey starts from within.

I’ve found my way to the path again, the one that feels like I am working with the grain, and am ready to start.

There’s going to be a bloom like you’ve never seen.

I’ve had so many things pent up without the proper mechanism to really get them out there. I had to work through insecurities, fears, doubts, worries…and all of that helped me arrive to this moment where I know that I have a plan that’s going to work.

Of course, as time goes on, there are going to have to be shifts. But as it stands right now, I can see the way forward and I’m stepping through those branches out onto the edges of the stream.

It’s time for me to fish in new waters.

And while it’s going to be new, I’ve been dreaming about these waters for quite some time. It was the gift of having time to work this out that I really started to understand what my opportunity was.

Now, being here, there’s only forward to go.

There’s nothing left to figure out. Nothing left to ponder over. Just what’s right ahead of me.

I’ve been waiting for that moment for quite some time. That deep sense of anxiety pulling me in multiple directions has been hard to deal with. It has challenged me to keep thinking and to keep discovering what this path may be.

While I have been frustrated with it for a while now, I realize the benefit it gave me. The surface level ideas deteriorated and forced me to go deeper and deeper into the ideas. Things simplified. The bad ideas were cast out. The failed attempts happened frequently and what’s more interesting than anything else is that it all brought me right back to my core…


See it was writing that brought me to all of this in the first place. Pouring my heart out and exposing where I was in life not only brought me awareness about who I was but it also allowed for other ideas to stem off of it.

Writing quotes.

Creating my book.

Writing longer snippets.

Starting to dabble in video.

Yet in all of the confusion of what to do next, I lost sight of the fact that if I went back to my core and started from there, I would find the next route. I would find the answer of how to turn my writing into video. I would discover what I would do as I would go traveling.

It begins here.

The blog.

The place where I get comfortable with life in all of its intricacies and continue to make the shifts that I knew I needed to make.

This is the place I need to be, and from this, everything else will bloom.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project