These paths twist and turn at will. There’s no stopping them.

I’m exploring again. This time, not upon the surface levels that I can see but rather diving into the depths to places where I’ve never been before. I’m not looking for what I have discovered before. I’m looking for the things that have been buried deep for quite some time.

Yet when I say “looking,” I am coming from a place of allowing. Maybe it’s opening? I’m getting in touch with the channels I have shut down and giving myself the chance to really be receptive to the things that need attention that I’ve neglected for so long (without even knowing it).

Meditation has brought me back to that place. Even in this morning’s practice, something from almost 10 years ago came up, a deeply held resentment, and I actively worked with it to let it go. I asked myself, “Can I let this go?”

The wisdom inside answered yes, and off I watched that splinter drift into the wind.

The mystery of it all is deepening.

The curiosity has come back.

I’ve realized that I have quite an opportunity that I’ve created for myself in taking this path of coaching. I’ve not only created a living for myself, but given myself the space and incentive to learn as much as I can. The calling for diving into the depths is there.

To a degree, I’ve been unsure of making this dive.

I had a lot of questions about it being the right way to go, if it would lead me to a place that was constructive, or if I was really destined to travel that path in the first place? After having read “Mastery” by Robert Greene, I discovered that this anxiety was a normal thing and that it was indicative that I was actually on the right path in the first place. But there’s that natural conversation that goes on in the mind that sinks into a bit of fear, doubt, and worry. You don’t want to waste time.

I can now see that I’m not wasting time in the least.

Faith can be a difficult thing at times. It’s hard to hold onto an idea that there’s not much evidence for but the feeling of truth in your heart. The mind hates that. It hates not having a plan where it can point directly to exhibits A, B, and C as the reasons for doing something.

However, there’s so much growth in softening and understanding the subtle but powerful language of the soul.

My task isn’t to try a million things and see what happens. My task is to dive as deep as I can into understanding the human soul, what makes us tick, and just how much we are capable of. As I transform, I will speak my truth…and that will give other people the permission to transform as well.

This has been the path I’ve been destined to travel all this time.

This is the one I have to answer to.

There’s no other calling.

It has been this for years.

Time to embrace that.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project