I’ve been waiting for November 9th to arrive for quite some time.


Part of it is that there’s a journey I need to take in order to feel complete. But another part of it is that I’m starting a few new things that are going to allow me to push far forward from this place I am now. In a few ways I feel like I’ve been stuck on the rocks. However, I’ve dislodged myself from them and now starting to move ahead.

For the next few months, I’m going all in.

I have my plan set. I have my marching orders. I have faith that I can do this.

I’ve done it before in a few ways, and now I’m going straight back in to give it a better effort and to take everything to the next level.

This morning, I wrote down on my daily planner “raise your standard.”

For me, that feels like what all of this is about. I’m raising my standard for everything in my life because I know that I can do better than what I’m doing now. It’s not about doing it for the sake of doing it – although there would be value in that – but it’s because I’ve felt uncomfortable with some of the ways I’m going about things and want to make a commitment to making the shifts where they need to be made.

So I picked everything apart and put it back together the way I want it to be done.

There’s a bit of nervousness here as well.

Nervousness because I’m heading straight back into something that I know is going to take months and months of grueling hard work. And yet while there’s nervousness, there’s also intense amounts of excitement.

I am very excited to go through prep again and launch the health and fitness side of my business. This is something that I promised to do last year and I am fulfilling that promise to myself.

There’s no telling what will come my way.

But more than ever before, I am confident that I will be able to meet it when it arrives and do whatever is necessary to move through it.

I am excited to come back home.

I am excited for these next pages of my life.

I am, more than ever, ready.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project