2 days.

2 days and I’m back home.

This trip has wrapped itself up perfectly as I am preparing for the next big step. I am heading straight into a journey that I am so absolutely inspired to take and can’t wait to get started. But more than that, I feel like I’ve actually broken into open ground and started running with my ideas of what I want to do with this chapter.

There were some things in my life that needed to fall away in order to make space for what’s coming.

And what’s coming my way?

My business is going to start growing. I am taking the last few steps in getting my fitness and nutrition certifications. I am moving into taking on more digital marketing clients…but most of all…I am doing exactly what I want to be doing.

There was a period of time where I wasn’t sure about which way to go. So, I bought time. I just kept heading straight without really worrying if it was taking me in the right direction. This trip has shown me a lot of things. But one of the things that it has really done for me is that it’s given me the space and clarity to really see what I want to be doing with myself.

I don’t think that’s a gift that many people get (so for that I feel lucky).

I have had the period of isolation and silence to really just wonder.

And more than anything else, I realized that I wanted to change the world by infusing it with positive energy more than seeing it. I don’t know if that makes complete sense…and even though I love traveling and seeing new places and meeting new people, I love the idea of hundreds of thousands (going for millions) of people around the world who are seeing something I write or listening to something I say, and takin that positive energy and using it to create ripples in their life as well.

That’s what does it for me.

And that’s what I now know I need to do with myself.

It has always been part of my path to want to inspire people but now I really understand why.

I guess in short you could say that I found my “why.”

And that’s going to spark this new chapter for me.

It’s about creating waves now. It’s about growing this as big as I can make it and continuing to make as much of an impact as I can make. With that foundation, I know exactly what I need to do. I know the type of business that needs to run. I know the type of materials I need to make. I now the classes I need to teach. I can go all in on something that I wasn’t 100% sure on before.

To me, that feels right.

And my intuition has never let me down.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project