Try try try try again and again until all of the attempts don’t matter anymore…and then keep going.

Stay in the pocket.

Stay in the pocket.

I’ve never written about this but it has become something I keep telling myself.

Imagine being a quarterback when there’s a blitz coming. The pressure is heavy. You are trusting your linemen to create that pocket for you and you stay in the because that’s the only room you have. You don’t have anywhere else to go but that pocket of space.

And that’s enough…if you stay in there. Because you try to run out of it you’re going to get knocked senseless.

Why do I keep telling myself this?

Because when things get rough or challenging, I’m telling myself to stay in there rather than try to disappear and run off. When I’m being challenged in the outside world, and that negative voice starts spouting off, I just keep telling myself to stay in there and keep going.

Don’t quit.

Keep it up.

Keep going.

Nothing has challenged me more lately than surfing these past few weeks. But as time has gone on, and I get more and more reps underneath my feet, I am slowly but surely getting better and better. I’m standing up more. I’m keeping better form. All I have to do is keep going. All I have to do is stay in that pocket and keep the right attitude.

There’s something about taking on a brand new thing that reveals your character. I truly believe this. Especially when you’re a bit older you’re going to deal with all sorts of crap that younger kids don’t deal with as much. Sure everyone gets discouraged, but think about how many stories you have built up over the years that you’re going to have to work through. It’s insane.

Things lately haven’t been the easiest. But I think that’s the point. My plans are changing. My dreams are changing. I’ve found something I truly love and I am diving in head first all the time.

I’m just happier.

Happier in the challenge, knowing that if I continue down the road I’m on I’m going to be more than fine.

Whatever happens next, you know that I’m going to be sticking to that pocket.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project