99% of it you will never see.

The countless hours of struggle, work, little wins, and decisions made. You will never see them because they aren’t when the lights are on. Those decisions are made in the dark. No one else is watching – it’s just you.

No one is there to keep you accountable – just you.

You are the only one looking at yourself in the mirror.

You are the only one answering to the decisions you have made.

You are the only one who is going to be able to break free from the chains that you have often laid down yourself.

It’s just you.

Only you.

And you prepare for a moment that is coming you just don’t know when. That moment when the lights turn on and you have a split second to grasp an opportunity or let it float away. Those moments come very rarely…1% of the time.

And it’s in the dark that you get ready for those opportunities. You teach yourself to be ready. You prepare and prepare and prepare. You forge yourself into the type of person who can take on that chance when it comes. You practice and practice your craft – no applause – no cameras – no reporters.


Just you.

In this place, you can get stagnant if you let yourself. The lights are off remember? It’s easy to hide in the dark. It’s easy to climb under the covers and sleep it off when you’re tired. No one’s looking. No one’s there. Just you and the inner whispers telling you which way to go. It’s a place where your heart and mind get challenged every single day.

It’s a place where you have to reign in your own self and learn how to master everything you are.

How can I harness my passion when I feel like the spark and fire aren’t there right now?

How can I turn this anger and rage into something constructive and powerful?

How can I write my past in a way that can inspire others and melt the walls around their hearts?

All of these things are within you. You just have to tap into them. You have to give them a chance to grow – to flourish – to bloom.

That’s when a rose grows in the dark – the rarest of all flowers.

Something beautiful out of a room robbed of light.

So when you do have that flash of a moment.

The whole world will see how beautiful it is when you grow from the dark.

Evan Sanders

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project