Dream your dream.

It’s funny…how I ended up here.

All these years later and I’m learning more now than ever. I’ve learned when to write and when to keep things in my heart and mind settled. I’ve learned when to stay and when to go.

They seem like small things, but in truth, they are fundamental lessons that have rocked me down to my core.

I say that it’s funny how I ended up here because when I look back, things seem (at least from this far out) that they were pretty normal and easy at times. But if I really go back and look at all that I’ve learned, I know better than anyone that it was one of the rockiest rides you could go on.

We tend to look at the past with a tint of rose. We look at our lives in a very different way than we did during those hard times and see the lessons very clearly.

But when we are in it, it’s hell on earth and all you’re looking for is the bucket of water to put all the fires out.

Isn’t that interesting?

I’ve stayed away from writing because I couldn’t hear myself think for quite some time. I know many come to read what I have to say, but I have also learned throughout the years that when you aren’t feeling it and you don’t have something of value to give…keep quiet and let whatever is stirring inside of you continue to grow.

There’s been something stirring for a good chunk of time now and as uncomfortable as it was to be with I let it sit in me.

One of the greatest lessons I have learned in becoming a coach this year is the brilliant wisdom that comes out of being with pain.

When you run into your problems instead of running away from them, incredible transformations arrive at your doorstep.

dream your dream

It’s almost as if the universe gives you a head nod and says, “He gets it.”

As hard as that is for me to do at times, I also know that it’s necessary. I know that I don’t have to like it…but I do have to accept it.

Knowing that things are they way they are is one of the most powerful and yet elusive concepts out there. We don’t want to accept the way things are because we want them to be the way we think they should be.

But this is the essence of cowardice…

Not living in reality.

Reality comes in many shapes and sizes…and all of the colors in the paint set…but its always what it is.

The question you really have to ask yourself when you’re avoiding the reality of a situation is “what’s really wrong with this?” You’ll be incredibly intrigued by the answers that you come up with.

Most of the time…they are shallow as all hell.

I say you must dream your dream and nobody else’s for a very particular reason.

The reason is this: you have to live the life that is being created by you and coming up to you every single second. This is your life. And with life, you only really have one shot. So the question I’ve really been posing to myself lately is, “If I had one year to live, how would I spend that year living?”

What would I do with my life?

Who would I see?

Who would I be?

Where would I go?

dream your dream

For a long long time, I’ve spent many hours working on a dream and pondering what the next steps were without any whisper of a path to head on. However, over the past month…that answer has come to me and shown me the direct path of which way I was supposed to travel.

I know without a shadow of a doubt now…that the path before me is something that I have worked spent most of my 20’s working for.

This, is by far, one of the most odd feelings I have ever experienced. And the feeling is this – all the struggle, the long hours working, the head-down dedication…is about to be completely released from my body once I take that step onto that path.

Everything has lined itself up in the way that it was supposed to (the heavens doing) and I have an invitation to do what I am capable of doing.

My entire life will change.


But that’s the point. I’ve spent a serious amount of time building my wings and now it’s time to fly.

The feeling came long before the vision. I can tell you that much. But when the vision arrived, I knew it was time to step into it.

Funny thing is, I’m not nervous.

I’m eager…excited…and have this peculiar feeling of being prepared.

So if you are wondering about whether or not you should step into your dream. Do it. Dream your dream. Don’t let anyone determine the path of your life for you. You can change it all in an instant. And, most of all, you can trust those feelings that are running deep within your gut and know deep down that they are heading you in the right direction.

So jump.

Take that leap of faith.

It’s worth it.

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