No one ever said this was going to be easy.

No one ever promised you, kid, that it was going to be a cake walk…that you could just travel down the path and not get scraped up? How did you ever even have a whispering thought of that in the first place?

Why does an expectation of easy even enter into your mind?

No, you know better. You knew better this morning when you put on your rain jacket and went on that run in the pouring rain. You know better that there have to be absolutely no excuses in order for you to start making moves.

You take that hill…no matter the weather. No matter the circumstance. Sore, tired, exhausted, worn down to pieces…you take the hill because it’s your hill to take.

No one is going to make this easier for you. No one is going to give you anything that will lessen your responsibilities in traveling the way you’ve asked yourself to travel. It’s on you. It will be on you until the end and that’s just the way it’s going to be.

No excuse can be made.

So end the wishing, or at least let those ones just fly right off your shoulder. It won’t get easier. In fact, it’s probably only going to get more challenging.

Because you’re swimming upstream.

Your swimming in the other direction that everyone else is headed. You’ve seen another way and naturally there’s going to be some currents trying to drag you back. They will try to keep you in the norm and you have to continue doing exactly what you know is right.

So keep swimming. Keep going. Never stop because one day you will look back on all of it with a smile on your face and be happy that you never ever quit no matter what had happened.

That will be, and I know it is right now, your greatest pride.

Put in the time and the effort to make it work. Put in your sweat, blood, and tears to carry forward especially when you don’t want to. I know you want to take a break, but I swear to you this is the time where you need to continue going. This is the breaking point…but not a breakdown…but a breakthrough.

You’ve been earning it for years and years…continue to earn it.

Continue to put it out there without any hesitation.

Things will pass…

Things will come and things will go…

The entire world is changing around you, and while you’re shifting from time to time, you understand that there’s something much more fundamental at play that is guiding you.

Can you continue to trust that?

Can you continue to put the effort forward and have fait that you’re headed in the direction you need to be headed in?

I can see your uncertainty at times, but you have to let that go and continue to fall into what you know without knowing.

That will endlessly guide you.

That will be the light you need to carry on.

So carry on young man…carry on

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project