It starts off as small, but when you hear it whisper and you begin to listen, that little voice grows.

It speaks of wisdom…of things you already know deep inside but up in your mind you may not have admitted to yourself yet. It speaks of guidance on a path you cannot see. It speaks with energy…energy that you can’t put words to but can feel taking you in one way or another.

This little voice speaks volumes in ways that you directly cannot understand. You couldn’t open a book and read words and understand how this little voice works.

No, you have to hear it speak.

It calls. It calls for you to grow. It calls for you to heal old wounds. It calls for you to  let things go.

It calls for the things that will help you continue to move forward in your life and lay to rest the things that have happened in the past. This little voice of wisdom can be so loud at times when you take the time to really hear it…to acknowledge it…to respect it.

My voice…you have always been there for me.

Teaching me, guiding me, sending me on the right path when I didn’t know which way to go. I used to manifest my own ways out of doing things but not out of faith but rather fear.

I believed that if I didn’t control it I would suffer in the long run…

Only to realize that it was the controlling itself that was causing the suffering…

So I let that go, and listened to you. I listened to what you had to say to me and more importantly…how you were saying it.

And here I am, little voice…asking you, “What’s next.”

You’ve already answered that this morning in a few different ways as I’ve made the transition into a new routine. I’ve come out of an old way that served me in an accomplishing of a dream but you have requested that I change things up…to birth a new one.

You have me sitting on the kitchen floor under these incandescent lights writing away dreaming, building, pouring it all out like I have for years. The floodgates have opened and the guidance is there.

I’ve ignored some of the things you have said to my own detriment and you stand there looking at me like “What did you expect? Did you think I was going to send you in the wrong way?”

I apologize.

It was my fault.

But here I am…listening again. Listening to you whisper away words into me because I know you have my back.

You’ve always been looking out for me.

So I’ll ask you again…”What’s next?”

And let you lead the way.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project