I’m being pulled.

I feel like I’m being pulled in a direction and there’s something that’s keeping me here. This isn’t a small pull either, it’s a heavy moving current.

There’s nothing wrong with this current. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be here. It is here. But what I’m thinking about this evening are the things that are keeping me attached to this place. My attachment to this place doesn’t necessarily mean location, but rather there are moments in time that I’m hanging onto that I haven’t seemed to let go of.

It’s been an interesting evening as I sit here reflecting on the many different pieces of this grand puzzle called my life that are shifting and changing. As I wrote last night, patience at times has been a factor in all of this but there’s something else here at play.

In the strangest of ways, and I only say this because I’m at a loss for the words that could truly describe it, I feel like I’m coming face to face with some form of fate.

I can’t explain this well, but this goes beyond the concept of goals and dreams and for some reason I am starting to feel deep down within my bones that I was meant to walk this path. That I was meant to experience everything I have experienced in order to bring this through the filter of my life and create stories and talk to people about this journey.

This feels righter than right and at the same time sits a bit heavy in my stomach for a moment and then the skin on my face heats up.

But there’s a calmness and stability to this feeling that contributes to the absolute mess of “ways this is making me feel.” There are far more emotions than a simple on at hand. In fact, there are things at play that I don’t even really have the slightest clue about.

Let yourself be silently drawn by the things that bring the best out in you and incite a passion into your heart. You can spend your entire life wandering about in search for yourself in others, in things, in places…but it’s only until you search the one place you should have started from in the first place that you will ever begin to find your own magic.

Let your gut instinct draw you into the places you should be. So often we can let our heads talk us out of what we know deep down that we should do. We can convince ourselves of so many things and unfortunately run straight away from the things that will enliven our souls. When you fall into what you know is right you will fall into a life that literally has limitless possibilities for you.

Your choice.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project