Each time I climbed that mountain I brought something completely new with me and left something old behind. I left behind any fears, doubts, worries about things that had no business being given the amount of time they were given. I leave behind things that I know I can subtract from my life. Each time I have climbed that mountain I let those things scribble themselves onto little pieces of paper and then take off from my palms into the wind. 

I believe in the power of dreams.

I believe that if you really believe in something that you can go out and make it happen. You may never really know how much it will take to accomplish your dream, but if you’re willing to continue fighting the good fight you might just see it through.

That’s the story I want to tell throughout my life…of mountains climbed and adventures had.

I want to tell you the story of my life as it goes on day by day and take you back to moments that have brought me up to the sky or rattled the deepest cages of my soul. I want to take you into what I can see in the future and how I am trying to create it now. I want to tell you my story…and I want that story to whisper to you possibility.

The last time I climbed that mountain I left all of my worries about not accomplishing the dream I’ve had for myself since I was very young. I climbed back up there with someone who has supported those dreams of mine, encouraged me through them, and has seen me grow into what I am becoming. Standing one month out exactly from making that dream happen…and having this time period of my life captured in a photo…I am more prepared, more ready, more confident than ever that I know I can cross the line and light a whole part of my life aflame in having achieved something years and years and years in the making.

There are many adventures to be had.

There are many mountains to be climbed.

I’m out of words tonight because I’m in such a place of peace that I really don’t need to say much. I don’t need to say much because I feel incredibly warm inside.

There are moments that I will never forget. These moments belong with me, close to the chest right where they belong. That’s where they will stay.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project