There’s something absolutely beautiful about watching someone take on a completely new way of being. Honestly, this is one of the most incredible and fulfilling aspects of my job – getting to offer someone a completely new story to live by which will drastically change their world.

Does this guarantee things will be easy? No. Actually, it almost guarantees that they will have to start facing things that they have put on the back burner for quite some time. But when we have the courage to really look at ourselves with kind but clear eyes, we can see the landscape for what it is and start making changes from there.

This takes massive amounts of readiness and honesty.

Remember the last time you tried to force your opinion on someone because you really wanted them to make a change? How much did that work out? Not too well most likely. There has to be a readiness for someone to take on a new journey in order for any amount of coaching to help, because if you’re not in a place to start something new, you will never have the strength and the persistence to continuously move through the trials and tribulations that will constantly come your way.

Journeys are not the easiest things to begin.

They can challenge you right out of the shoot, knock you down on your butt, make you want to turn back around and go back home. But when making this type of journey, you have to give yourself the ultimatum that there’s no going back anymore. The old ways…or at least the comfort of the old home is gone. There’s no option but forward momentum…and although you do know that you are going to get knocked down from time to time, forward is still the only way.

I”ve gone through a lot of change in the past 5 years and while I have uncovered many of the positive qualities that existed since I was born, I’m not even close to the same person I was all those years ago. I’ve gone from a compulsive, scared, constantly in fear, and angry young man into something much different. I feel deeply with my heart now. I work with my pain. I live in fear but I have developed the courage to move through these fears and see them for what they are. But most importantly, I dropped the focus from on myself to how I can give to other people.

That…something that you’ve probably heard a million times…really did change my life.

There’s no better feeling for me than helping someone else. In turn, it actually does help me as well…but that’s really a byproduct of the entire engagement. It allows me to give my deepest gift – unconditional love – and really see someone as an entire human being. I now have a place to do that and truthfully that has opened up one of the happiest periods of my life.

I’m going on a new journey starting Sunday – a new fitness journey to realize a final piece of this vision I had when I was 12 years old. Since I’ve done it before, I am more excited than I am fearful of it not working out. In fact, I would say that there’s almost no fear of it not working out because I know what it takes to achieve what I want in this area. Will it be a challenge? Of course it will. I will have my ups and downs…but more than anything, I trust myself. I trust that I can follow through and make it happen.

So we’re going to do that. I hope you join me for that journey.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project