There are multiple parts of my journey all coming together in this week…I wonder if that is a coincidence?

  • In two days, I will be publishing my thousandth post on The Better Man Project. That actually blows my mind so much I’m going to wait to even write about it until that time.
  • Tomorrow, I go back for another – what I am sure will be massively transformational – week long stint at my graduate coaching program.
  • Monday, I will be launching my Integral (Mind, Body, Soul) Life coaching business to the public.
  • Today I started a new program with my trainer and we are going to cut down as much as possible for the rest of this month.
  • Tomorrow, I have a major update to my other site which will tell me exactly how things are going (from what I see so far so good).

Honestly, and I am proud to say things, things are going very well right now. For the past few months, I was dealing with a significant amount of transformational change that caused some significant anxiety. However, through all of that, the best was brought out in me and continues to surface. My work life has improved drastically as I continue to develop upon a few different plans. But there’s one thing that is trumping everything else.

No old ways.

A couple of weeks back, I wrote a post about burning an entire life to the ground and setting sail and never looking back. While I’ve had my temptations, I haven’t looked back…and I’ve only moved forward. I’ve stated my intent, I’ve made declarations out into the world, and I’m really going for it…I mean really going for it. There isn’t a day in the week that doesn’t get touched by at least 8-11 hours of work. I’ve had a few interesting questions about this and my response has been something to the effect of…there’s a massive amount of front end work to be done, bugs to be found and fixed, ways of doing things and setting up things that need to be created, and I don’t intend to keep up this pace for more than a few months because I won’t have to…all of this work is going to pay off – I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t think it was going to.

I’m not guessing right now with what I’m doing.

In fact, I’m creating something that has been, in other niches, proven to be successful and has worked for many others. What makes what I’m doing different is that I’m adding in my own secret sauce and experience from over 4 years of being in this space. I’m adding in my own elements into an equation that has worked before for many. Custom parts to a stock vehicle.

Something I’ve always dreamed of is having a massive audience, not for the sake of saying what the number is, but to see how much damage I can do with the ripples I want to make. This blog here, the community, the experience, the countless comments and the amazing support has been an incredible indicator of what could be possible. In fact, someone said something incredibly interesting to me the other day, she said, “Everything that you’ve done over the past 5 years is almost like a first draft for what is about to happen.”


I really never thought of it like that before. To be honest, that got my brain going for a while. First draft…first draft….yes…yes that’s right actually. What an exercise it would be to go back through the entire blog and create a second draft of all of it. For me, it would help me understand how my thinking has changed and it would also bring back great content that has been missed by everyone. Of course, I would still produce new work – that’s what I love doing. But to bring some of the old stuff back in a new way, that would be fun.

When I first started all of this extra work, I was living in a sea of doubt. I didn’t know if it would actually work, I didn’t know if the extra things I thought I could make happen would actually turn out, and most of all…I was hoping that this wouldn’t turn out to be another fiasco like my time down south. But as the days have gone on and I’ve put my own sweat, blood, and tears into this project and seen it advance for no other reason but the strength of my own personal work ethic, I’m starting to really believe. I can see progress…and with that, my belief is getting stronger and stronger.

There are signs and indicators I’m paying attention to right now that are showing up in my day to day life. They have nothing to do with work and everything to do with being aware and mindful of what is going on. These signs are telling me to head in a direction and I’m following them with as much faith as I can.

What I find interesting is this continuous feeling of quiet before the storm. There’s a massive change on the horizon and it’s just crawling over the hills…taking its time…and I’m sitting there on my deck watching it from afar. I know my time will come…I know what is – for the most part – about to happen. I have my faults, I’m working on them…I have my passions, I’m exploring them…I have my lessons to learn, I am definitely learning them. I am here to show others that with some passion, a purpose, and some sweat…if you keep pounding away at it day after day, you can do something great. I’m here to give someone the reason to not give up. If I can touch hearts in that way, I’ve lived the happiest life I could ever live.

The rest, will take care of itself.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project