Never underestimate even the smallest of actions.

They are little drops of water, or even, little sparks of flame that can either build your life or set the entire thing ablaze. I’ve been there. I’ve really been there.

5 years ago my entire life was set on fire and it was all because of a karma build of negative actions over time. Ignoring the little things, attacking inward and outward, letting pain seethe inside of me and run my life. Oh yes I remember that night well, the night where the flames colored the sky. I burnt down. I burnt to ashes.

It’s never really the big life events that define us.

Yes, of course, they do have a major role to play, but it really comes down to the small things, the nitty gritty details that many people ignore because they think they are insignificant.

The more and more I dive into life the more I begin to understand that everything is moving, constantly changing, made of energy…and your actions in this moment have the power to send ripples throughout space that you can’t even possibly comprehend the strength of.

For a long time, there was this gap between me and other people because of a inherent distrust in myself – not them.

This gap was created through fear, through personal anxiety, and through a complete non-understanding of what I was meant to do and be deep down inside. So I would avoid situations and people, or on the flip side, purposefully spend most of my time attending to others so I could ignore focusing on myself.

There’s great beauty in this life, but you can certainly miss it if you are spending too much time thinking in the future. You can miss the smiles people give you and how incredibly amazing they are.

You can miss out on how unbelievably peaceful it is to sit out on your porch closing your eyes and just listening to all of the sounds around you. These are considered to be the small details by many, but to me, these are the drivers of my life…these moments are my inspiration.

Everything around us is living and breathing, and to think for a moment that just because the ground you are standing on is solid by nature makes it dead, you my friend are completely wrong. It’s all breathing. It’s all living…and it all matters.

Every action has a result. Every action has a counter-reaction to it.

These are the laws of life that we live by and these are massive forces at play. I think what we don’t quite yet understand is how much our actions really do effect others, the people surrounding us, and the rest of the world and beyond.

We don’t quite see how different we make the world every single day by encouraging someone or lending a helping hand to someone in need. We don’t see the ripple effects of our smile on someones life, attitude, and perception of the world.

All of these little actions that you take every day are part of the karma build, they are seemingly useless to many but if you really tap into what’s going on in life, you will begin to feel into life instead of just observe.

So as time is going on, I tap into my actions more and more and more and can feel the landscape changing as I consciously make my decisions. This shift in my mentality, which came through my coaching mentors stretching of my mind, has allowed me to let go of what hurts me and to breath life and love into every single moment that i have.

Always come back to your breath.

Come back.
Come back.
Come back.

If your mind begins to wander, come back. If you start to hurt, come back.

Over time, you will get better and better at being in this moment instead of reliving old ones or trying to go to a place that you can’t possibly exist in. Keep coming back. “Come back to me” sometimes you will hear your heart whisper.

Our lives can be put on autopilot or you can drive this puppy manually and really get a feel for the results of the intricacies of every single action you take. There’s beauty in that. Don’t be intimidated by the understanding that everything you do matters. This should be something that frees you instead of locks you up.

Let that karma build. Keep adding those drops of water into the vessel and over time you will have filled it.

P.S. Don’t worry if you accidentally lit your haystack on fire. Being able to rebuild your entire city just the way you want it to be is one of the coolest experiences you will ever get to have.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project