The depths of your heart can be a pretty pure place to go.

I used to think it was a place of intense confusion and where the past lived, but I’ve come to find that it’s really a place of purity. These emotions that I feel inside have been claimed to be intense and for some reason I have experienced some sort of negativity in this word. Maybe it’s the way I am taking it? Maybe it’s the way that I interpret that word? Nonetheless, I am starting to find that this emotional intensity about life is actually simplicity manifesting itself. I’m hooking up and linking into the purity of some of these emotions that I have never fully experienced before.

Maybe that’s the sentence right there – fully experiencing emotions.

When we shut ourselves off from experiencing negative emotions we also shut ourselves off from experiencing the wide array of positive ones as well. The depths of your heart can be a place where you can go to understand the truths about yourself rather than a place that you have to be scared of. I think we are scared of this place because we have experienced how wild and intense some of these emotions we go through are and that scares the hell out of us. For whatever reason, we are taught to keep a lid on ourselves and not stray too far outside of the middle because that’s the safe place to play. No, I would rather climb dangerous trees and travel into unknown lands than play it safe. That game is not for me.

The depths of your heart can be a place where you go to understand the intricacies and mysteries of this life.

There are so many things that we do not understand about what is going on in this world simply because we cannot see them. Sometimes, you have to run on faith. You have to be willing to put your feet forward one after the next straight into the dense fog and function on faith. Will it be scary? You can bet your money on it. Will it be worth it? Oh absolutely.

Time and time again you must travel into the depths of your heart to find your true self and begin to function in a way that is truly connected and present with the world.

If you can do that, there’s no cap on what you will become.

Evan Sanders