I’m ready to do this.

This morning at 4:30 am I already dove in headfirst. No turning back now. Time to swim in the deep end.

There’s a different feel to this day. It feels like there’s energy behind it. It really does that feeling of “I’m ready to do this.” Without a doubt I know I am onto something. I am going to keep swimming around and dive down and explore the depths. The realization that it wasn’t fear that was rocking me these past couple of weeks, but rather coming up against all of the positive habits that I have built for myself over the past 4 months and trying to change them, was a pretty big “aha moment” today. Sometimes I can be a little rough around the edges with myself. But that’s okay, we are moving on ahead.


If you do something again and again and again…something that is positive and you know it’s producing results, you will achieve great things. Keep being consistent even through the tough times. Keep coming to the plate each and every day. Each day is a brand new game. Of course you will feel the bumps, bruises, and soreness of previous games…that just comes with the territory. But be excited about today. Be excited about the game that is in front of you now.

We only have so many opportunities to step up to the plate and swing away.

I know firsthand what it’s like to waste away those opportunities. When you are doing that, you are standing at the plate and watching the pitcher just throw whatever he wants to you. I call this having your bat on your shoulder. It’s the easiest  thing in the world for life to strike you out when you have your bat on  your shoulder – you don’t even pose a threat.

So get up there and swing away. Try to drive that ball through the fence. Hit for line drives…and some of those will go out of the stadium. Don’t drop your back shoulder and swing for the fences…stay on top and line it into the gap. Every day. Day in and day out. Keep swinging. Don’t stop.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project