We begin again. Rebirth. Live and die this day.

I’ve been having a difficult time this week with staying focused towards my commitments. For one reason or another, I was losing my edge and was all around just incredibly tired. Today, I started to pick up on a few reasons why things were heading in the opposite direction and realize that I am going to have to actually dive into some commitments I have always wanted to get started on. These past few months have been amazing – I launched a book, I’ve met some incredibly special people, I’ve started school, I’ve taken up a significant amount of responsibility at my job, and I accomplished a fitness goal I’ve been working towards for a majority of my life. But now the question stands…and it has stood for a couple of weeks now…what’s next.

It’s time to dive in.

Recently, I started the Keep It #100 podcast  in which I have made a commitment of having a few hundred episodes uploaded by the end of this year. This podcast is something I really enjoy doing as I go to and from the gym because those are the times where I am incredibly clear about my life, goals, and the opportunities that lay before me. It also gives me a great chance to encourage others to keep going after what they want and believe in. But I still keep asking myself – what is the next big step? What do I want to take on next?

I am incredibly happy where I am at now. I am developing strong relationships, I am finding my magic, and really taking on uncertainty. At the same time, I am a dreamer and have always been a dreamer. I believe that the perfect balance between the future and the present is dreaming of how you want to contribute to the world, ending that dream, and then creating it and building it today. I used to get stuck time and time again in the future and be completely seduced by it…but I really do need to start breaking things down into daily pieces and I will begin moving forward.

To be honest I have some bad habits I still want to kick that have been weighing on me. Those need to go. So my commitment is towards meditating more, especially when the desire to succumb to those habits crawls in.

The title of this post is called Rebirth because I am going through a very interesting time in my life. Recently I started integral coaching school and felt that it was going to have even more of an impact on my life than starting The Better Man Project did. That’s saying a lot coming from me…who knows firsthand what it’s like to have your world completely turned inside out by the beginning of something. But that’s the feeling I got when I walked into that classroom – like everything was going to change.

The second reason why today is called Rebirth is because I am taking on a yearlong project to write a new, fully published book, about this journey I am on. It’s been a crazy ride so far and I have been writing and taking notes galore…but there is still a ton more time left. So how about a new journey? How about doing something new and taking the next steps towards my dreams. How about truly experiencing what it’s like to live in the present and not be controlled by the future or the past.

Sounds pretty exciting to me.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project