“7’s realize on the most profound level that life is a gift. There is nothing wrong with life, nothing wrong with the material world. If we stop taking things for granted we will be flooded with joy and gratitude all the time. When we have no claims on life, everything becomes a Divine gift capable of sweeping us into ecstasy.”

“When 8’s give up their willfulness, they discover the Divine Will. Instead of trying to have power through the assertion of their egos, they align themselves with the Divine Power. Instead of me and the world, they see that they have a role to play in the world, which, if followed wholeheartedly, could earn them a place of immortality among the great heroes and saints of history. The liberated 8 has the power to inspire others to be heroic as well, influencing people possibly for centuries.”


Uncertainty is what I have to lift. Living in a world of complete possibilities. No answers. With that has to come extraordinary amounts of faith. Faith in what will come. Faith that what is now is precisely what I should be doing. It reminds me of a dream I had last summer where all my questions were answered one after the next after the next. In fact, all of those questions I ever had started to become answered faster than I could even pose the question. Now, it makes sense to me. It makes perfect sense. That dream was one of the greatest signs for me to let go of the future and exist purely in the now. That dream…was something else.

Uncertainty is uncomfortable. As uncomfortable as it can be, that’s where my magic is. My magic will be made in today…never tomorrow or yesterday. The challenges we face are never completely new to us. In fact, I have had many moments where I felt completely in the flow with everything and totally connected. What comes to mind at this moment is the time I went hiking as quickly as I could up Donner Peak in Lake Tahoe or all of the times I go fishing in the mountains. Nature seems to revitalize my soul. I see you nature…note taken.

The uncertainty part is new for me because once upon a time I believed that I had to plan out my future or it would never happen. I had to get it down to the nit-picky details or else failure was close in the other room. But as I have started to learn more and more about myself, I realize that the failure was never in the past or the future…the failure lived in my ability to appreciate what I had right here and now.

That’s why I never felt fulfilled. Not because I wasn’t accomplishing things, but because I wasn’t at all appreciative of what I was creating in my life. I wasn’t appreciative of the people, the content, the situation…and everything else in between. I was completely and utterly dissatisfied…and therefore…empty.

I’m moving forward with new practices and new ways of being.

I find myself getting distracted quite often and jumping off to entertain myself. I must sit and quiet my mind. I have all these ideas and my mind races at a million miles a second. I must calm down and follow through. I love living in the future and avoiding the past. I must let all things bubble up and live in the present moment. I must experience the world as it is…and stop traveling to a far away place where it all turns out. The truth is, it already has turned out. It always was and always will be. The moment I was brought into this world I had been given the greatest gift of all – this life.

Time to start respecting that.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project