It’s the truth…you can become the hero of your own story…starting today. You can turn it all around. You can decide that you finally have had it with what you are going through and make some changes. That’s how my story began 4 months ago. I reached a point where I finally said enough is enough and made the firm decision to make big changes in my life.

Heroes, I am starting to become convinced (at least in the real world), are made…not created. They are the men and women who have a grand vision and the integrity + work ethic to carry out a tasks daily that will take them to the heights of personal greatness. The heroes are those who often see something that hasn’t been created yet or no other person can see. They carry out their task with vigilance, care, and are always the person they know they can be even when there isn’t an audience of any kind.

You can become the protagonist, the hero, of your own story today.

You can be the person who decided that fear was no longer going to control them and that they would stop at nothing to bring their gifts to the world. You can do that. There’s no reason in the world why you cannot. The only thing stopping you from doing this are the excuses you create in this moment. Massive impacts can be made by those who believe they are insignificant. How? They must believe in the whispers that tell them that things are possible. Because they are. Yes, many have to overcome significant odds to be able to see that day…but it’s not impossible. Improbable to the onlookers – yes. Impossible. No.

Make the decision today to turn it all around.

You can be your own hero.

Now start acting like one.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project