Michelangelo once said, “Genius is eternal patience.”

The more time I spend on actually living, the more I realize how much patience and constant daily investments of time and effort into the future matter.

These investments are acted out in the present, but they are creating the foundation for building a better tomorrow. I have no regrets in living this way at all, as I know that one day, as those grains of sand pile up, I will have built myself an entire castle.

I never used to do this. I dream of tomorrow but fail to act today. I would envision something fantastic but refuse to actually go out and build it.

Why? Fear.

Fear owned me. It ate me up. It took those grand visions and put a pit into my stomach. So I cowered. Cowered my way into the dark in fear.

No longer.

That man doesn’t exist in my life anymore. The other day I was looking at a progress photo of myself right before I moved back from LA and I just could see the fear in my own eyes.

I could see the weight of the failures of the past on my shoulders and the lack of belief that was in my soul. It was tough seeing that man. But it was good for me.

That picture of me is printed out and posted on my wall, and I remind myself every day that is who I am fighting against. I’m fighting against the man who wouldn’t fight for his dreams.

I’ve been on an absolute roll lately.

I’ve been writing down goals, taking the time every single day to cross off my tasks on my lists, reading books, writing notes, and moving forward with a vengeance. Next week starts my first week of professional life coaching school and I couldn’t be more excited.

I’ve been waiting for this moment for a couple of years now and can’t believe it’s finally here.

I’m excited because I’m going to get the foundation that I have been missing for such a long time and I also get to start working with people in real life.

I’ve known that I’ve wanted to coach others for a living for a few years now, but now, I’m finally at a place where that is turning into a reality. Another dream come true.

Isn’t that a statement in itself – another dream come true.

As I just wrote that I realized that all these years of getting the clay moving are really starting to pay off. I started slow but as time went on, I’ve begun to speed up and take things to an entirely new level.

It’s amazing how your life can just turn around when you put your mind to something. Sure you want it to happen faster than it actually is, but the fact of the matter is that have to have patience.

Enter patience is the name of the game when you are trying to morph and change your life.

Invest into yourself every single day.

Don’t let a day go by where you haven’t received some interesting tidbit or some type of value that can help you move forward confidently into the next day.

Always get something from the day.

Over time, you will grow like crazy.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project