She arrived

To the rain covered street

The sweet smell of saturated concrete in the air

The light taking its time

To shower the ground as well

She walked in anticipation

Finally after all these years

She would hear the greatest secret of them all

The one she seemed to think I had

It was desperation that brought her to this place

More than curiosity

She had tried everything

Everything but what I seemed to know

The secret

Yes, she would finally have it

She had read the books

Heard the speeches

Tried the routines

Changed herself

And yet here she was…walking as if she was about to crack open another “way to the future.”



But desperate

She says, “So, what is it?! What’s the secret.” 

I looked at her and said…’You.’

You couldn’t manufacture a more perplexed look on someones face

‘You are the secret’

‘Your journey has been into everything else but yourself. Once you take the journey within, you will have the secret.’

I softly put my hands on her shoulders, smiled, and walked away.

After a few paces I turned back and said, ‘Once you believe that’s enough…there’s no telling where you will go!’

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project