I hate to say it, but fear is usually stronger than you. So if you don’t come ready to fight for what you believe in, you are going to lose to it. There is only one way to fell a giant.

Eric Thomas has this fantastic speech where he talks about the fact that if you strike at a tree in 1,000 different places, what will happen? Nothing. But if you strike at a tree a thousand times in the exact same place…that tree will fall.

The exact same thing is true of your dreams. You have to strike and strike again without doubt and have nothing but pure vigilance in seeing it all the way through. That’s the only way I finally crossed one of the greatest milestones of my life. And now, I am ready to go back at it again starting tomorrow morning for another 12 weeks. I am ready to build upon the foundation that I have already built and see what else I am capable of.

Why? Because I know that I am capable of more than what I’ve done.

I know I have more in the tank and can bring something better to the table each and every single time I do this. They say it takes years to finally build the physique you want – and honestly, I’m willing to make that sacrifice. I’m willing to make the sacrifice because it not only helps me mentally but physically as well.

I have struck over and over at this vision of mine, and I have accomplished goals, but the vision has yet to be achieved. So I must because I can.

I’ll always remember that statement – you must because you can. We are each capable of so much and yet we do not because of one reason or another. We must. We must give our gifts to the world – it should be no other way.

Choice is a tough thing to realize.

A vast majority of the time we have the ability to choose during the situation in front of us. We must never forget that those choices are ours and our responsibility. They are no one elses. When you start to understand that most of your life is completely your own responsibility, you open up the doors of being able to change your world completely. Instead of being the victim you become the captain.

So make the choice to be the king of your world

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project