You Can’t Hold Us. We’re Moving. We’re Finally Grabbing What Is Ours. This Is The Heist.

There are these defining moments where you see things as they are instead of how you want them to be. You hear things as they were instead of whatever you interpreted. These are moments of truth. They don’t just come to people who are completely wrapped up in themselves, obsessed with others, or deliriously delusional about how the world is.

No, these moments come to those who are open to all things – good and bad. To those who understand that the world functions not in black and white, but in the endless amount of colors in between the extremes. There is so much to experience, so much to learn, and so much to feel…if you think you understand it all that is the exact moment when you are actually wrong.

There’s so much we don’t understand about this world and how it works. Even the answers we do have are only a glimpse into what is actually occurring. Your feelings and emotions, while troubling at times, are often surface indicators of things that are actually going on deeper inside of you. You’re an onion at it’s finest – an almost endlessly peeling onion that can show you time after time again just how far you really can dig.

We see the world through masks and glasses. It’s unavoidable actually. But our job, at least for those who search for deeper meaning in this life is to take the masks off and remove the glasses. First, we must see ourselves in the mirror as we actually are. Then, and this is the ultimate type of courage and vulnerability, we must show others our true selves – as we are and as we are not.

When you get to that place – removing everything that is shading you and others from the reality of yourself, then you really start to light up inside. That moment, as tough as it can be, is magic. It’s magic It’s as pure magic as it gets. The world then becomes yours because you are not trying to batter your way against waves. Instead, you are moving with the current of your true self and the universe will literally just get out of your way.

Mind. Body. Soul.

When all three of those are in a strong connection there’s no telling what you are capable of. It’s when they are out of whack where things get incredibly messy. You tear yourself apart. You tear relationships apart. You destroy your dreams day by day and literally repel good people from coming into your life. I’m not just blowing smoke here – this stuff happens.

How do we get to this place?

Honesty. Really damn honest eyes. Those eyes can’t be anyone else’s but your own.

Get to that place. Get to the place where you can see yourself and others as perfectly imperfect. Seriously flawed and beautiful at the same time. Then, things will really start to change.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project