It’s possible.

It’s all possible.

Words that have come out of my mouth before but I never truly believed.

I never truly believed them because I didn’t have a personal example in my life where I actually felt that. That mixture between a deep sense of pride and love for what I was doing. I was close once, but it wasn’t in the cards.

It was possible for me but the sacrifices were too great. So I had to make the decision to stop.

Life went on dreamless for a while.

Through my personal experience, I have seen first hand that you can change a reality you don’t like. The problem is, it takes an incredible amount of work.

But like working with clay, what is cold and hard at the beginning begins to heat up and take shape over time. You have to give it time.

Without giving something the proper amount of time when you apply your efforts to it, it will simply stay a lump in your hands.

Coming up with a plan and then giving things time to cook is crucial.

Have you ever taken something out of the oven before it is fully baked? That experienced could make you sick for days.

You either wish you had left it in the oven or never actually wished it existed in the first place. Trust me…food poisoning is the worst.

It may take longer than you think.

When I hit my first 14 week goal I realized that it was probably going to take me a lot longer to actually achieved what I had always dreamed of.

Besides, years and years of bad habits cannot all just be turned around in 3 short months.

They take time to break and model new habits that will help you become more successful.

If it takes more time, that’s just an indicator for you to put it back in the oven and go back to work.

Patience is key.

Patience is so important because that’s one of the single traits that allows you to understand that the end result will eventually come…if you just give it a chance.

We live in a society that is so fast paced and “DO IT NOW” that when it doesn’t happen right now we think it won’t happen at all.

They say that overnight success takes 10 years.

I believe it.

What dream do you have right now that’s cooking?

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project