Each night we die and every morning we blossom once again.

The biggest mystery, now answered, that I have come across is in our true ability to be people who can live in the past, the future, and the present.

I don’t think anything else in the world can do this. We can instantaneously go back in our minds, and if we give it enough thought, fully relive things that have happened and evoke the emotions that occurred during that time.

People say we can’t go back into the past and change it…but the mystery that has been answered for me is that we actually have more ability to change our past than we think.

Like anything in this world, our past is ever changing and flowing just as much as the present and the future.

Stay with me here.

I had one interesting month in November, where I was able to look back at the past and see significant event’s that had changed in my life for what they actually were instead of what I had interpreted them to be.

It is true, a dead true fact that we cannot go back and change the events that have happened previously.

That I will never argue with.

However, we can go back and change our understanding of the events…and that’s where the magic happens.

If you change the lenses covering your eyes, you will see the world in a different light.

This world I refer to can indeed be the past, present and future. I have seen it, I have done it, and I can do it when I need to.

I can change my past by seeing it differently…and this can be with thousands of different angles and lenses.

Do not be scared to go back and view what has happened in your life and begin to understand that you had far more power than you originally thought.

You were far more responsible. You were far more powerful in how much control you had over your reactions and actions.

IF we go back with a premise of understanding, then we can change.

We can change ourselves in viewing a time that has already passed…and those actions have significant ripples into our present and future.

We can change our present instantaneously.

Don’t believe me? There are countless scenarios in which you could change it all right now. Change that thing that has been troubling you for some time.

Apologize to that person who hasn’t talked to you in years.

Change your situation.
Change your outcomes.
Change your visions.
Change your perceptions.

These things can all change. Now I am no fool and I perfectly understand that some situations take time to mold and change.

But your reality of seeing a situation for what it is vs. your perception can be instantaneous…and just like in dealing with your past…that has major ripples into the future.

The hardest thing I’ve ever done is be able to understand that what I saw for myself in the future was actually possible.

We all dream. We all have high ambitions. And yet, over time, those ambitions are crushed for one reason or another.

We may have the plague of someones words telling us that we can never amount to anything, a bad relationship, a non supportive family, no family….the list goes on.

The ways that “life” can take you out of your game are often cruel, endless, and unforgiving. But maybe that’s the plan.

Maybe these walls are thrown in front of us so we can understand what it really means to take something to the next level in terms of our output of effort.

There’s no replacement for hard, hard work.

There’s a phrase that has been going around lately via the “quoteasphere” that says “work smarter not harder.”

To some extent I agree…but the problem is many people don’t even know how to work hard in the first place.

This is one of the more important lessons I have learned. How to work incredibly hard and dedicate myself to something fully.

Half measures rarely work.

They rarely work for one reason…have you ever tried cannonballing into a pool with one leg still on the deck?

Imagine the pain in that one.

You have to fully commit…and especially to your dreams. Your dreams demand the best out of you.

Anything short of that effort you won’t be worthy of them.

That just seems to be the way they work? Don’t blame me…I didn’t create them.

Every morning you die & blossom all over again.

Bloom fully today.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project