Sunday nights have always been a pretty reflective time of the week for me. I get a chance to look back and see what I accomplished during the week as well as the opportunities I missed. For me, I think looking at things in terms of weekly performance gives a great overall view into how much I moved forward towards my dream. This week I was pretty successful. There were many ideas hatched and implemented along with a lot of work done. But it was only until tonight scrolling through my Instagram feed that something really seemed to hit me.

Live a great story.

That quote stuck it all together for me this week….as I step into my 3rd week of training with my new trainer and having decided these past few weeks on a path to take…I am reminded of how important it is to build your own story each and every single day. 

Since the beginning of this project, and I know this because I have gone back countless times and read the starting posts…I have been a believer in being able to create your own world. While at times I didn’t actually do what I wanted to, that belief has never gone away and I have continued to run back to it over and over again – no matter how far I drifted away from my path. 

Our story can be written however we please. While we do not have control over some of the things that happen to us or what the characters of life say to us, we do have control over ourselves…and I think this is a very overlooked idea. It’s overlooked that we are more responsible for our lives and its outcome than we could possibly imagine. It’s often overlooked of how much power we truly have. 

But understanding this is not the end of your troubles. In fact, they begin on an even grander scale once you begin to realize your capabilities. Then you have to battle the fear of succeeding…and the accompanying fear of not being able to handle the success. Eventually, you land somewhere right back in the middle…and for the brave souls out there, you have one of those “f*ck it why. Why not me?” moments. 

That’s where I have finally arrived this evening. I’ve been all over the map. The good. The bad. The stuck in the land of procrastination in order to put off the inevitable risk of putting myself out there. I’ve done it all. But the one thing I haven’t done is risk it all. I haven’t risked it all because somewhere deep inside of me I know things will really pop if I do – and I’ve been scared to see what happens if it does. I’ve been afraid. Very afraid. 

As afraid as I have been, at least I have stepped onto the field every day attempting to play the game. But now it’s time to get into the game. Time to run as hard as I can downfield and see what happens. You can’t be a spectator your whole life if you have a dream that is surging through your veins. You have to get out there and take some hits…but also deliver some as well. 

I’m going to be pouring everything into this. Let’s go. 

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project