seeing changes in front of my eyes

dreams being realized

the grueling work



muscles depleted and burning

mind is sharp

heart is singing

they said this would be the worst

it’s bad

but the feeling I have from finishing this war

the war of the past 7 years

is taking me quickly through the day

hungry for tomorrow

i never believed I could

until I dropped all the wrong reasons for doing it

i did it for me

and I’m doing it for those who are struggling to achieve their dreams as well

of course there’s fear

but it exits fast

in the face of action

a life a mediocrity I lived

but the life I have created now

expresses itself through opportunity

i stopped talking about my dream

and just went and did it

i talked about it before because I was scared of actually doing it all the way through

i was scared of what was possible

failing felt so comfortable to me

but I knew that I  just needed one more chance

one time to put it all away

to lock it within my soul and to cherish it forever

and I did

here I am

4 days away




heart’s on fire

ready to shed light

– Evan Sanders