It’s a process. It’s a process. It’s a process.

Moneyball, the movie, is a film that I have probably watched a good 10 times. Not only is Brad Pitt completely believable, but the story is amazing. The music though, oh man that music, the music does it for me. It is so good that it ended up in my iPod and is often listened to when I hit the gym.

It’s a process.

I won’t ruin the movie for you, but the basic premise is that the Oakland A’s baseball team, one that has absolutely no payroll and just lost all of their big players, has to reinvent how teams play the game and how they choose players to get the most bang for their buck. A statistician comes along who has a formula to change the game, Bean bites on the idea, and they are off.

It doesn’t work.

Well, for a while.

But eventually, when the players start to buy into the idea, it really starts to work. In fact, it works incredibly well, and they go off to set the single season record for any win streak in the MLB.

This movie resonated on many levels for me, but the reason why I come back to it over and over again is because of this concept of believing in the process.

When you start to do something new, it takes some time to germinate. That seed has been planted, and you have to water it and take care of it carefully or else it will never sprout. Some seeds, like some forms of bamboo have to be watered and maintained for 5 years before the nut even splits. 5 years! But then, they grow 90ft in 30 days. I mean what a transformation.

If we could all believe in ourselves just enough to know that at some point in the future, if we keep hammering away at our dreams, that our life will bloom 90ft in 30 days…wouldn’t we all put in the work? We would all maintain the belief that we “just knew” it was going to happen.

Things are going to work for you right out of the shoot. You have to give it some time. You will reach points along your journey as well where you need some help. You will need some coaching. You will need a mentor to help you get past where you are and off to where you are going. This just happened to me. I spent the last 9 weeks dieting and working out with everything that I thought I knew, and then invested in books for more answers.

And I got them.

I got everything I needed from people who have done what I want to do and set it out right in front of me.

This is the fun part. This is the part where you get those extra secret sauce recipes and start changing your life even more because you maintained a significant interest in your dream instead of just letting it go when you hit a rough patch.

Victories happen in the moments when you make no excuses for yourself.

Victories happen in the moments when you embrace your cluelessness, and search for answers without pause.

When you seek to reinvent yourself, things are going to work. This is part of the fun. Find out what works and make that happen. I always go back to thinking about when I played with LEGOs. I made so many types of buildings that crashed and burned. Some were incredibly innovative but could not be structurally supported the way I built them. Did I just build a boring straight up and down one? Hell no! I figured out how to support the one that just fell.

That’s a life that you can be proud of.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project