Why not you?

Why can’t you be the next one to “do it.”

To rise from the unknown and to change the world?

Why couldn’t that be you?

Why does it always have to be someone else?

It doesn’t.

It doesn’t have to be someone else.

There are these moments that whisper in my most inner ear that I can be the one if I trust myself and just go for it. There are these flashes of the future that I could build. When I see them, they warm me inside and they affirm me every single time that I am on the right path. They tell me that all I need to do is step on the gas.

And stepping on the gas and shifting into an unknown gear is what I know I have to do.

Nothing is ever given. You have to go out there and take it…you have to earn it. The world doesn’t want you to be different, the world wants you to be just like everyone else because that is the flow of energy that is moving throughout each of us right now. But the little known fact is that the universe will get out of your way when you start paving new ground.

There may be resistance.

But once you decide to create a new way, and lead others, the energy begins to also flow in your direction. That is why there have been a few human beings on this planet who have spread messages so deep and passionately that they have lasted thousands of years. Why couldn’t you be one of those people?

You could.

It’s not arrogance – it’s about asking yourself if there exists a possibility. The answer is always yes. If it has been done before it can be done…and if it hasn’t been done, maybe you are the perfect person to come along and make it happen. Maybe you are the one the world has been waiting for to make a certain thing happen. Maybe that’s you. If the idea is already in your mind…it is you.

The ideas and dreams and goals in our minds…I am convinced were given to us. We may expand on them as time goes on, but these dreams are part of our calling – the thing that truly resonates with us. We must go do that…the thing that allows us to passionately move forward in the face of fear.

I have had fears about starting a serious YouTube video blog for a long time. I have things I want to talk about…I have messages that I want to share from my life and stories I have heard from other peoples lives…and yet it was fear that was holding me back from putting myself out there. I know how negative the YouTube comments can be and how people try to tear others down…but hey, maybe I am the guy to spread the positivity in that place. I mean, I started here, why couldn’t I do it there?

The answer is…you can.

You can do it. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t either.

Give your heart to the world. As Mother Teresa said…you can give the world your best, and it still may not be good enough…but to always give your best anyway.

It’s time I take that advice.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project