It’s a a funny thing to think about. Magic. The magic of life. Personal magic. The wonders that open up when you begin to bring faith, belief, and self worth into your life. Magic begins to happen. When you put your mind to something, and direct your thoughts towards making it happen, there’s no shortage of moments that knock you off of your feet. 

Not getting what you want is a powerful thing. 

There are these moments when you think you want something and it is taken away from you…and you are left with a few choices. Pursue, leave it on the table, or fold. In times past, I only believed in two options…but as time has rolled on, I have developed the ability to let things germinate. To plan the seed and see if it will grow. Whether this is with decisions or simply ideas that I let enter into my mind, I like to see what grows from it. 

It’s very easy to see things in a black and white way. In fact, I think that makes life a lot more understandable for people. It’s incredibly hard at times to even consider that there are a million different colorful reasons why things are happening to you. The black and white decision becomes almost an escape. Good or bad. Right or wrong. I am not saying there aren’t examples out there that could be classified in this type of way, but most of the time things fall in between the edges of the scale. When I came to accept this, things became much more interesting. While I experienced a spectrum of new events, I also opened myself up to those events in a way that never could have occurred before. 

I think that’s how life works. 

If you invest a penny, you are going to get something proportional back. 

But invest everything, heart, soul, and life into it…the rewards are endless.

I think i’ve known this for a long time but was incredibly scared to actually implement it. Not having certainty can be a major fear breeder. We like to make educated guesses on how things are going to go and if the results can be shown from others prior experiences then we usually how with that option. But something tells me there’s other powers at play here. Something tells me that there is a lot more than we can hear with our ears or see with our eyes. At least, from the experiences that I have gone through, this is the impression that I get. 

Going all in on something can be initially demoralizing…but watching those seeds germinate is one of the most satisfactory things there is out there. 

Believe in your magic. 

You may not always get what you want, and that might upset you initially, but the fact is you were on the field actually playing in the game. That is something to truly be proud of. Because while in real life sports being on the field is not enough, the game of life is far far grander than any arena we have ever seen. We put ourselves on display in front of billions of souls and make ripples with our words and actions. When you come to believe in that…that this world we live in is one big arena and can be impacted by one, mountains begin to move. 

One thing that amazes me about coming to the table almost every day and writing is that my perception often changes about things. While the width grows quickly, it is the depth that I appreciate the most. I hope to never stop learning how far down the rabbit hole you can really go. 

To the great arena I dance. 

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project