Life has a special kind of plan for those who believe in their dreams.

It’s been said before that the richest place on the planet is the graveyard. It’s home to lost inventions, dead dreams that were never realized, and aspirations that never saw the energy or determination needed to be turned into something tangible. The graveyard is also home to the shadow of fear – the fear that if we chase our dream we will fail . . . or even the fear of what might happen if we attain our goal and cannot handle the pressure. There, in the ground, lay to rest some of the grandest ideas we have never seen . . . and never will.

Life’s special plan for dreamers isn’t a paved road. In fact, it isn’t a road at all. It is a small clearing through which the tiniest of light shines through and gives one hope of achieving the end result. The ground is covered in holes, ungracefully adorned with thorny bushes and will turn in every single direction possible. It will rise to the heavens to make your heart skip a beat and take you down to the deepest grounds of hell in order to snuff out your desire. It will take you backwards to grind you down and bring you forwards only to retreat at the last second just so you can get a taste of the future to come.

This path, while seemingly having no direction is all part of a process of moving towards something.

For many, that process may last years. For some, it may last decades. But the only way you see the end is by continuing to go. The continual belief in yourself and your vision combined with an overwhelming amount of determination to overcome any obstacle that may arrive is the only way to see it through.

Your desire to win must be greater than your fear of losing.

I do not want to be a great man at the price of selling my soul. I do not want to be a great man who will sacrifice his character in order to get what he wants. In fact, I would rather take the longer way around in order to maintain my foundations. While others skip parts of the journey in order to claim riches, fame, and glory, I will continue to walk my path with faith that I will be delivered to even a much better place than my mind could have ever dreamed of.

They say the longest distance between two points is a shortcut.

Your dream demands your best and all of the sweat equity you can put forth. Start taking shortcuts and at the end, you won’t have what you ever wanted. You will have a watered down version of what you set out to achieve. You will have the edges sanded out and left with something far less beautiful that what you could have achieved for yourself.

In a speech I listen to almost every single day, the man says that the difference between the people who succeed in this world and those who do not . . . is that the people who succeed do every task right versus the ones who do not succeed . . . because they do every task wrong and eventually have to come back and do the task over again. What he is referring to is that they are doing it the way that it should be done . . . with purpose, conviction, and only accepting the end result of it being finished. While some may say that taking utmost pride in making my bed and washing the dishes perfectly every single day is a little overboard, I give the response of “If I can’t make my bed or wash the dishes right, how could you possibly expect me to run a Fortune 500 right or inspire the sincerest form of hope in people’s hearts all around the world?”

You have to do the little things right in order to get the big things right. I talk about this all the time, but having a routine for yourself in order to get things going properly every single day is absolutely crucial. It is also crucial to digest as much material as you can about being successful in your life or in the field you are interested in.

For a long time I didn’t believe that my thoughts had a specific frequency. . . until some events started happening in my life when I changed my thinking . . . and I was finally able to see the truth.

Your thoughts are things.

You have to treat your mind with care and also surround yourself with people who are going to feed you with positivity rather than negativity. Your life is a direct reflection about how you feel about yourself. To some that may be a scary proposition because they see their life right now and go “Oh dear god.” But the truth is, sometimes the best news is the worst news. Sometimes you need someone to tell you that you aren’t getting what you want because you are responsible for everything in your life.

It’s the honest truth.

When you can accept that fact . . . that you are responsible for all of this. . . how it has turned out. . . what type of shape you are in. . . who is in your life. . . your job. . . then you are free. That might sound counterintuitive but that is one of the greatest secrets there is out there that I have been fortunate enough to be taught. When you take ownership, the world becomes yours. When you shy away from responsibility and accountability, you become shackled by regret, hate, fear, anger, and bitterness towards yourself and other people.

To me, that’s no way to live.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Your future, will only belong to you if you set out to create it. Understand that the journey is like no other journey you have every gone on before. There is no set destination point – you may have an idea of what it is – but I promise you that the end will be much grander than you could ever possibly imagine.

The only set point on your journey is the start.

And that’s now.

So go.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project