It will take you no more than a couple of seconds to jump online and find spewing negativity. The news, the posts we see, the comments we read . . . it’s all there. The internet has become an acceptable stomping ground for those who want to hide behind a keyboard and write whatever they want about someone. They can criticize, spread filth, and in many cases take things to a whole new degree . . . a degree that only promotes hate.

Hate breeds more hate.

If you have ever felt it inside, you know exactly what I am talking about. When you harbor hate in your heart, you start hating other things as well. While the internet is just one out of the many methods people can deliver hate, it does serve as a pretty clear example of how things are going in our world today. We have created a system in which hate has the ultimate protection . . . being able to hide behind a username and almost guaranteeing that it will never see the forces of accountability for it’s actions.

In the face of this almost overwhelming raging river of hate, I press on. Every day, for almost 4 years, I have posted something. Whether that be in a blog, on social media, a tweet, or a video, I have continued to post.


Because I promote what I love instead of bashing what I hate.


I am not delusional about the world. I am not that crazy guy on the news who is known in his neighborhood for being mr. happy literally 24/7. That type of unbalance one way is unhealthy for you. I have my horrible days. I have days where I find myself in a conflict between love and hate, acceptance and shutting off, and these are days when I go to battle. These are days when I am reminded of what I believe in . . . no matter how hard it may be . . . I always end up coming back to my core and what I am trying to do.

The dose the world needs, in a constant drip, is encouragement.

People need to be encouraged for what they are doing, for failing and trying again, for giving a great effort and moving forward. It’s not about removing hate from the world, it’s about balancing it out with acts of love. The world, similar to ourselves, can get out of balance and thrown off once in a while. People will start to see the worst of everything because honestly, that is what we are shown. We are constantly subjected to the bad stuff. Turn on the news. Car crashes, 10 dead in school shooting, riots, unrest in countries all around the world, massive coverups, violations of privacy, oil spills and nuclear meltdowns. With all this, no wonder we have a pessimistic view of what is going on.

To piggyback even further, you end up watching this stuff day after day, and then going . . . there’s nothing I can do. This is all out of my control.

To an extent it is.

But to a massive extent it isn’t.

I believe that a steady drip of love and motivation can change lives. It changed mine, so why can’t it change others? I can’t tell you how many times I have been approached by people talking about how many likes a post gets, or comments, or views on the blog etc…and that’s great and all, but at the end of the day that has nothing to do with my mission. My mission is to go out into the world every day, express myself authentically, and make the difference for one person out there.

Because that’s what someone did for me a long time ago. I am not trying to change everyone’s lives, I am just trying to express what is going on in mine and tell everyone the lessons I am learning. I am not trying to preach, to tell you that I have the way . . . far from that. I just want to put a perspective out there, and I am sure that there are some people who are taking little tiny nuggets of what I am learning and uniquely forming their own plan.

The ripple effect you can have on the world is far beyond your comprehension. Hell, I don’t even know . . . but I have faith that it is happening. That with a few words that are deeply compassionate, understanding, and full of hope . . . you can turn someones day around in a heartbeat.

Encourage those around you. You might not agree with exactly how they are doing it, but don’t step on them for it. People need to learn their way. Sometimes we have the best intentions when  trying to help others but in the end, everyone has their own path to walk. Walk with them, don’t try to take the rug out from under them.

Encouragement matters.

– Evan Sanders

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