In time when we give ourselves enough time to breathe and enjoy life, we experience moments of weight falling off of our shoulders.

We gain the courage to face our fears and the obstacles that lay in front of us dead in the face without doubt or worry. We begin dreaming of adventures to come and what we are capable of.

And that is what I want to talk about today.

We are capable of so many things. I will admit, there will be times in your life when you are going to feel incapable of doing anything right. Life will life you as I always say. Sometimes it isn’t the right moment to really go after it. Those times usually come when the past is stacking up against you. First you have to take care of the old to bring the new into your life. I am a firm believer in that.

The journey is the gift. They say this in philosophy…they say this many times throughout life, but in all honesty I haven’t set out on another journey yet and seen the goal at the end within my grasp.

This is going to be incredibly hard to admit, but every single journey I have gone on has ended short because the my dream of becoming a professional baseball player was shattered along with my elbow. I start getting cold feet and usually find some way to sabotage it on my own before life can ruin in for me.

But there is that resilience there. That resilience that tells me to continue trying and giving it a shot. It’s telling me to try over and over again and come up against that fear and become comfortable with in. To walk with in stead of run from it.

Losing baseball was the best thing that happened to me.

I really need to live with that. When I lost baseball, I became a man. I started to focus on what really mattered and matured through life experiences good and bad. It’s hard to live with that reality sometimes, but deep down in my heart I know it is the truth.

So my new journey begins tomorrow morning 5 am sharp.

To all of my fans out there who have supported me like crazy and encouraged me day in and day out…thank you. Thank you for sticking with me while I go to battle over and over again. Thank you for not calling me a failure even though I was failing. It means the world to me.

Glasses up to encouraging each other and making the world a better place.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project