When I look up at the sky, I don’t feel small. I feel connected to everything out there. Because I know that the stars light has taken thousands upon thousands of years to get here and I feel the ancient energy of the universe. I know that the energy that is in that exploding star somewhere out there is the same energy that is within me. It is this same energy that has caused me to go from a man who felt cut off from the world to a man who now feels like my existence is a absolutely necessary to the wheel that makes everything turn.

I have experienced feeling entirely cut off. But that’s because I felt that I was a moving piece in a world of solids and molasses. When I lived in that world everything I tried to do and the messages I tried to convey were only bounced back upon me. I see things entirely different now. I see that everything is moving. Everything is energy. Our emotions, our thoughts, our actions send ripples out into the world and the rest of the universe as if they were waves. The greater the effort, the grander the message, the more pure the intention the vaster and heavier the wave. These waves move upon people, through them, and cover them in whatever you wish to portray.

I have been asked many many times if it is hard to write what I write. The answer used to be “at times yes” but now I understand that even though I don’t see the direct impact of my writing, I know that those waves are out there effecting the people who read my work. Yes, this is a personal journey. But it is also an opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life as well. If I make a ripple for another person and that changes the course of their day or brings them out of a bad place – that is a job well done for me. Because then they go out and make a difference for someone else and the combined impacts of this type of action are endless. The impact is sometimes unseen but indisputable.

I write because I understand that each and every time I come to the computer I can throw a message out there which changes the way the world is currently working today. Maybe it’s not all encompassing. Maybe some messages are deeper than others. But I believer fully within my heart that with pure intent and love based action – those differences are being felt in places that I have never even visited.

I have come to realize through almost 4 years of this project that my actions are not just about me – they are about everyone else around me. And that is one major way I have grown. I think about how other people are going to be impacted by what I decide to do. To be honest, this actually isn’t as confusing or taxing as you would think. It really keeps me on course and  send me in the direction of bringing positivity into the world.

So before you make that rude remark…before you look away and not smile…before you slack and not give the world what you have to offer – think about others. Think about the type of impact you are making and really ask yourself if you are adding to the greater good. Because we are all connected. We are all part of this piece and we all have amazing energy inside of us.

Bring it to the table.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project