I was squatting during the Academy Awards.

Huh? Let me explain.

When I close my eyes and let me dreams flow I can see myself walking across the stage in front of the worlds most talented people. But it goes beyond that. I see that image extended to giving speeches in front of hundreds of thousands of people. I walk that stage because I stand for the power of people’s dreams and inspiring them to live bold and impassioned lives. This dream lives fresh in my mind and I call upon for inspiration when I need it

So I squatted tonight. The Academy Awards would have to wait.

This evening I looked myself in the mirror after my 4th set of 350 lbs on my back and saw that stage. I saw the dream. I saw the vision. What does the gym have to do with the Academy Awards? Hardly anything. But, it does have to do with the dream itself. In the gym, every day, I am teaching myself how to work harder than I did the day before. I am teaching myself to envision something and create it with my own hands – just as the men and women did as they walk the stage to accept their awards in their respected genre/field. They created something that didn’t exist before and that is my calling. To bring something into this world that has never been seen.

I stand for people’s dreams. For their greatness. For possibility. I went to the gym tonight during the event because of one simple concept: I will put in the sweat, blood, and tears to accomplish my dream so I will be able to walk that stage one day with pride and void of ego. I will do what it takes to make that vision come true. It may sound insignificant to many, but making the choice to motivate myself to get through one of the most painful experience I have every week instead of being entertained was a huge win for me. These wins will add up over time as I continue to make those small choices every day to get closer and closer to that reality existing somewhere in the future.

We all have the capability to create an amazing life.

Many of us look to those on top and wish for what they have. But the truth is, all of those who have risen, have indeed come from the bottom. It was the fire in their soul that brought them to where they were. They made the sacrifices. The worked…and worked…and worked. It didn’t happen overnight. In fact, a great deal of the time it took years upon years.

And this inspires me. I am inspired by the path that was paved by those who have come before me. I respect these reengaged. I respect the heroes. I respect the titans. And because of this, I know that I can also create my dream. I can bring it out from my head and make it tangible in the way that I know I can.

So here’s to dreams. Here’s to those who are celebrating their successes tonight. Here’s to those who are motivated to work harder to winning next year. Here’s to those who are on the bottom with dreams of the top. May you find it inside of you to drive through your failures and create your dreams.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project