O’ that devil inside

Do you make yourself known

When the switch flips south

And light exits the room

Attack my thoughts

Resolve and will

To drive your intentions

Into the soul

The monster within

Exists no doubt

But I fight no longer

Only warmly embracing your presence

Driving your confusion

The grip you once had

So strong and tight

Was due to my inability

To see that the battle indeed increased your strength

Like quicksand I sunk

The more I moved

But like I said

I embrace that darkness

Because it delivers the light

No fear in this heart

Because you are here

In it


And I’m aware

Not trying to fool anyone

I tip my cap

To the times you cut me down

Now lets walk

And work this thing out

I’d like to hear what you have to say

About the years of past

How proud you may be

Of your accomplishments

And I will clap to your success

And will move on

As you know this is the beginning of a long relationship

Of me talking with you

But making choices based on light

In order to make those decisions

I must consult with you

O’ devil inside

You can show me a path

One I don’t have to take

But to ignore you is not bliss

It’s ignorance



So let’s take a walk

I want to hear what you have to say