The iron never lies. There’s something about gripping the bar and pushing yourself. Breaking yourself down to build yourself into something stronger. There’s nothing like it in the world. Unique in its own way. Punishing and rewarding. You set your own weight and it pushes you for more.

But the one thing it does better than anything else is bring out your will.

Your will for a few more. Your will to push through the pain. The vision hits your eyes every single time you look in the mirror.

But I don’t lift for ego. For aesthetic value. For cardio. No. I lift for something far greater. I lift for greatness inside. I lift for the effects. Building confidence. Determination. Pursuit of a goal. Drive. Will. Tenaciousness. Because as soon as I’m done with that session, everything else in the day is subject to my attitude of how I am in the gym. I can tackle anything because I just tackled squatting with 400lbs on my back and struggling to get one more rep despite my body shaking and my mind telling me no.

Nothing else in my day will challenge me as much as that moment when my mind, body, and soul are challenged to their breaking point. And if something does, well, I’ve been there a million times. A thousands of sets. Hundreds of thousands of reps. I live there. In that struggle and in that feeling of failure yet victory.

That’s why I lift. Everything else comes secondary to my soul being ignited.

– Evan Sanders

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