In college, one of my professors told me a story about Steve Nash and how he viewed his success in the NBA. Apparently Nash had told a reporter that his goal wasn’t to be the best player on his team, but to be the guy who made every other teammate the best they could possibly be. He knew that if he raised everyone else up that the team had a much better chance to succeed. That was his goal.

Tonight is just going to be full of memories from the past…just an FYI.

My dad taught me once that you always operate on an equation when you are going after a goal. He told me that your excitement for success has to be greater than your fear of failure. Of course, this is a sliding scale and you move back and forth from time to time, but in all, you have to really want it more than you fear it not working. That is what will keep you going each and every day. That will allow you to continue through the thick of it. Because the mud always comes and life  loves to slather it on.

Let your game speak. I’m reminded of a quote from another teacher who said “You either have the results or the reasons why not.” And it’s true. I mean how many times have we all committed ourselves to something and then have some sort of justification of why it didn’t happen. I think the quote above is really true. When you have a commitment to something, there are no excuses. You just do…and you do nothing short of it. You live a life that you are proud of and you tackle each and every day with vigor and white-hot passion. I am recommitting myself to my commitments. Funny sentence, but nothing but the truth.

Someone a while back asked me my definition of what makes a man. They asked me about my project and what I’ve found out through this whole writing process and wanted me to whittle it down to a couple of things. It’s really a tough question, but one of the first things that came to my mind was this. “The difference between a boy and a man…is that a man is responsible for himself. And because he is responsible for himself, he admits failure, shortcomings, and takes it upon himself to change.”

As I travel throughout this life, I learn more and more every single day. This only happens though because I leave myself open to learning. I believe that once you know something you stop learning about it. That can’t happen. It can’t happen with this project especially – and fyi I have been there before as well. Keep your heart and your eyes open. You can learn a whole lot.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project