I remember hearing my teacher tell me this and it has been an invaluable lesson. “Perfection is the enemy of done.” That made me think. Hard. Often we strive to be perfect and it drives us nuts because we can never achieve it. I think striving to be the absolute best you can possibly be is a great gift that you can give yourself. However, things get a little bit shaky when you start demanding yourself to be perfect.

I mean even think of a Perfect Game in baseball. It’s not really perfect. Essentially a perfect game would be 9 innings, 3 batters an inning, 3 pitch strikeouts per batter. That would be absolute perfection. And yes I know it’s incredibly hard to throw a perfect game, but still…im making this example to drive a point.

You can be a little bit better, a little bit faster, a bit smarter than you were yesterday. You can be a little more organized, love a little deeper, and trust me in the long run this pays off. Like I was saying yesterday, you can shape yourself into something that you couldn’t have possibly been before.

I saw this quote the other day that said something like set a goal so big and seemingly impossible for yourself and eventually you will grow into the person that can achieve it. This made me think about my own life and what I have been doing. I have set a grand goal, and day by day I am changing and morphing into the person that can achieve it. Because when I started I couldn’t have possibly been the person to achieve it right off the bat. And this is why goals are great. At one end you get to dream and to make anything possible for yourself. And on the other end you get to go through the day to day shaping and restructuring of your life in order to achieve it.

I am a master of goal setting. I am in rookie ball in regards to making the sacrifices it takes to make those goals happen.

But just because your in rookie ball doesn’t mean you won’t get called up to the majors one day. And I promise you that I plan on pitching some pretty amazing games in this life. Baseball references. Quick side note – I think if I am ever going to get a tattoo, a miniature pitchers rubber will be somewhere on my body – just to remind me of all the lessons I learned from the sport I love most.

So set a huge ass goal. Let it scare the shit out of you. Then take those little baby steps and you will change into something fantastic.

Muhammad Ali  used to say “I am the greatest” even before he was close to being the best. It works.

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project