We all have them – those moments where everything just becomes fluid. The ones that make that foundation a bit liquid. The mattress you lay down on at the end of the day turns into a water-bed and you aren’t as stable as you would like. Situations and events turn and rumble and options become opaque. Heat and pressure add up and eventually, you just melt into it all.

This…can be very very confusing.

But there’s another element to this equation that I want to talk about and that is what’s being melted. When you believe in yourself, when you’ve improved, when you’ve loved deeply, when you’ve reached for more and fallen short, you have begun to create a life worth being proud of. And even though you have fallen and turned to something far less solid, you have the opportunity to reshape yourself. And that’s the golden nugget I learned this weekend – even though it was in liquid form.

Sometimes, in order to create something even greater and to mold yourself into something stronger, you have to go through a mighty hot and pressure driven situation. And the hardest part of it all is that you have to be open to this. Often times I find myself wanting to get an answer to a situation as fast as possible, but this process demands that you cool down. It demands time and you have to give it exactly that. So breathe for a bit…and it will all shape up.

How are you going to shape yourself?

Evan Sanders
The Better Man Project